Sunday, July 24, 2016

Miley Cyrus ‘cuts down on partying for Liam Hemsworth’

Miley Cyrus has reportedly scaled back on her partying for Liam Hemsworth.

The couple, who reunited at the beginning of 2016 after ending their engagement three years earlier, has made things Instagram official, with the Australian actor recently appearing on Miley’s social media page for the first time since they got back together.

Friends say the romance is going from strength to strength, with Miley’s decision to quit partying thought to have contributed to this.

“She still expresses herself in her very unique way, but she’s stared to cut a few people out of her life,” a source told Britain’s Grazia magazine.

“She’s stopped talking to some of her more party-going friends and she says no to a lot of requests to visit clubs and hang out with music producers these days.”

Miley, 23, hasn’t been seen out in risque outfits and outlandish stage costumes for a while either, preferring to keep her look low key when out and about with 26-year-old Liam.

However friends are apparently are slightly wary that she’s changing too much to fit in with Liam’s way of life.

“Her and Liam spend most of their time at his home in Malibu and have been hanging out there for the past month,” the insider continued. “When they do go out it’s usually early in the day and, as the night goes on, friends have noticed that Liam will keep watch and make sure she’s not drinking a lot. On their last few nights out, Miley hasn’t been drinking at all. Her pals hardly recognise her anymore, and they just hope that she isn’t being blinkered by Liam.”