Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hayley Williams is scared of over-sharing

Singer Hayley Williams struggles to find a balance between wearing her heart on her sleeve and keeping secrets.

The Paramore frontwoman has been in the public eye since her band released debut album All We Know Is Falling in 2005 and over a decade on she's still penning raw and emotional songs, despite the group's line-up changing. Although the 27-year-old likes to be honest with her lyrics, she does find it hard to know when to stop sharing real life experiences.

"I keep some stuff inside my heart and my gut, almost as fuel, but for the most part of all my mistakes and all of the things that I was maybe ashamed of, and all of the hurt and the pain that I'd felt or possibly inflicted... that comes out," she explained to Rock Sound magazine. "It's hard to wear your heart on your sleeve and still keep secrets. I've had to learn that the hard way because there are some things that I've lived out, and some things I've openly talked about, and then I've had to snap myself back in..."

Hayley was discovered at just 14 years old, meaning that almost half of her life has been spent in the spotlight. She and her various bandmates have spawned hits like Pressure, Misery Business and Still Into You over the years, but they haven't released new music since 2013's self-titled album. When asked about the future, Hayley admits she isn't sure what it holds.

"The last album was the most fun I've had in my life and I feel as though I learned a lot about myself, my friends and music, but what I really learned is that you can only life off a high for so long," she sighed. "That sense of nostalgia might fuel you for a little bit, but it can't keep you going forever."

Starting a family might be next on the cards for Hayley, as she tied the knot with New Found Glory frontman Chad Gilbert in February (16).