Monday, May 22, 2017

Top Five Album and Music Cover Art Illustration Ideas

It is said that art is the illustration of the mind, and most illustrators can do that on anything, anywhere. The illustrations on walls on the streets tell it all. We have all seen various cartoons and comic illustrations that pass heavy messages than any other thing. According to iLustra website experts, musicians ought to embrace this option and let the experts do it for them. Whether they are making hard copy CDs and DVDs or selling their music online, there is always an option to make a cover for their song or album. This is the time to leave behind the habit of making a picture of themselves with a plain background. Therefore, below we present various illustration idea they can embrace.

The minimalistic option

The world is today campaigning on moving to minimalistic ideas, from fashion accessories to cars we drive. Why not try this option for your cover illustration? If you are wondering what this minimalistic idea is, let me explain. Apart from filling your cover with all kinds of designs brought together by an artist, you can opt to go for a simple background cover and a minimal design running from one corner of the cover. Alternatively, it could also run from the center to the edges without filling the whole space. Ask the designer to come up with various options and then select one.

Consider using the thumbnail option

With people gathering most of their information from the Internet, It is crucial for you to understand that people are not so interested in reviewing your cover illustrations. So, apart from making it attractive, consider using thumbnails and make them tiny, not to bother filling the screens ahead of them. One that ‘behaves’ and sticks to the corner makes the best option. A combination of an illustrator and an IT expert will make a perfect thumbnail for your album cover.

Do not use your name on the cover

People like it simple nowadays. It is the new norm and trust me; the trend is more influential than anything else in the world. If you ask me, omitting your name will make the cover look neat, irrespective of any other idea you choose. The fans already know all your names, and they came looking for your new album, right? So why remind them again. That is rhetorical, and they do not seem to get along well.

Use inspirational artwork

By now your fans already know you well and look into anything you do admiringly. So, why not try and give them an inspiration in the form of illustration? For your information, all you need is to tell an illustrator what you have in mind and let them do the rest for you. The most reputable illustrator will go wild to come up with a unique idea for you to choose. Whether you love nature or any other thing, be sure you will get it with ease.

No lyrics, please

People can easily get the lyrics from your website, which is also a way of increasing the web traffic anyways. In simple terms; you don’t need to print your lyrics on the album cover. It may end up looking like a college handout which people don’t like. Let your illustration of choice remain neat all the way.