Monday, September 5, 2016


A powerful singer-songwriter from Cloverdale, BC who is sharing her music with the world!
Ever since Emma was a young child, her love for music was evident. Growing up with the talent and dream to be a singer-songwriter is a huge motivation and Emma took that drive and pursued her goal. The passion for music that Emma possesses has been built upon with training, hard work, and commitment. Emma, who has been described as “having a powerful and compelling voice, with smooth and bluesy undertones” caught the attention of Indie label Rising Empire Records (RER). Emma partnered with RER as a Managed Artist where she worked on her debut album “Every Dreamer” (released June 2014). The first single “The One” has been played on AC radio all across Canada. Recently, Emma travelled to 
Nashville to record her latest single “If It Was You” (released August 2016). “If It Was You” has been described as “fun, vibrant, and catchy… one of those songs you find yourself singing along to.”

Emma’s first live performance was when she was only 10 years old at a local coffee shop and she remembers being nervous but also felt that she was where she was meant to be. She knew at that exact moment that this is what she wanted to do forever! Since then, Emma, now 18,  has recorded and released an album, performed numerous times in front of thousands in the US and Canada attracting attention from industry experts in Toronto, ON and Nashville, TN. 

Emma Alves Music 
Single - If It Was You *NEW*

Emma Alves – Every Dreamer, 
Release date: October 2014 
Genre: Indie Pop 

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