Wednesday, December 9, 2015

American Ghost Stories – The Bonazzoli Band

Album Review
American Ghost Stories – The Bonazzoli Band.   I am hooked on this album!   Let me begin by saying that   yesterday when I first gave American Ghost Stories a listen I must admit, I was not blown away.  Maybe I just didn’t understand what they were going for.  One thing I did know  was that for some reason I had the urge to immediately run it again.  When it finished I let it run a third time.  This morning I played it on my way to work and sat in the car until the dramatic finish.  There’s something oddly endearing about it.   It’s an album that just doesn’t get old.   Maybe that’s what they were going for.  Something  timeless.   There are obvious singles on the album but it’s really some of the less prominent tracks that keep me coming back.   After a visit to their website I learned that they pride themselves on combining a multitude of genres (Rock, Country, Swing, Blues) into their music.  This can be tricky but in the long run they pull it off with panache.  It could be the excellent musicians on the album or the amazing lead vocals or the interesting song writing or all of these things.  
As I write this I find myself looking forward to the drive home to play it again.  My ears hear a mix of Pink Floyd, Sun Records and Sinatra, seasoned with a pinch of Vincent Price.    Somehow it all comes together to make a classic album and there isn’t a weak track on it.  From the rockabilly Road Have Mercy to the dramatic Concord Road, the pop Taking Chances, the angry Invicta and the old time Front Porch the album flows from track to track and takes you down a river of mystery and melancholy.    
If you’re looking for the next teen sensation, this is not your album although my 10 year old son seemed to really like it, especially the song Black Cat.    If on the other hand you’re looking to hear an introspective trip of haunting themes and soaring musicianship, Matthew Bonazzoli and his band have your best ticket to get there.    Article by Chuck Gaines
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