Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Disclosure: Sam Smith's our bestie

Disclosure think their new album would have felt wrong without Sam Smith singing on it.

The British electronic duo consists of brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence. The siblings had major success with 2012 single Latch, which featured the Grammy winner's vocals. And when it came to recording their second album, Caracal, there was no way that Sam wasn't going to be part of it.

'It just would have felt wrong to not have him on the record,' Howard told Entertainment Weekly. 'We speak to Sam everyday. He's our best mate. And he's the best singer in the world. Why would we not put him on the record?'

While Disclosure received a Grammy nomination for their debut album Settle, Sam's profile has gone into the stratosphere since featuring on Latch. He scooped four Grammy's earlier this year as well as two Brit Awards but for Guy and Howard, his success hasn't changed him.

'Sam's the same as us. He doesn't take all that stuff too seriously,' Howard continued. 'We were in another session and went to lunch and the guy over the counter asked for a photo and Sam said yes, but then he was like, 'Can I just use your phone to do my hair?' And then he stood there, just doing his hair.'

The band has also called upon the voices of Gregory Porter, Nao and Lion Babe for their new record. But despite the commercial and critical success of their debut, the brothers haven't felt too much pressure to replicate it on their next cut.

'We got bought a lot of time by Latch actually,' Howard added. 'We wrote it over three years ago now and it only really got [to the U.S.] last year. So we didn't feel too rushed-I feel that's often a thing with second albums. [And] I didn't feel much pressure in terms of having to top the last record or anything. I just felt like we had to make the best one we can. And we've both gotten better at making music.'