Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Demi Lovato to realease mobile video game

Following in the successful footsteps of Kim Kardashian, Billboard reports that Demi Lovato will be releasing a mobile video game later this summer. 

Partnering with mobile game developer, Pocket Gems, the game capitalizes on the female consumer base's desire to be famous and allows players to build their own music careers. 

Pocket Gem's Jameel Khaflan on partnering with Demi Lovato: 
"If you incorporate an artist with Demi, it becomes more real...You get to see things that have helped her along the way. We wanted to come up with a compelling story our users will love. They're all aware of her story."

On Demi's involvement in the game:
"She has helped craft her dialog, the clothes and outfits her avatar will wear. Her dog Buddy will also be featured...Lovatos original recordings will be incorporated in the game "in a few different ways" depending on the story."