Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Courtney Love: Miley duet won't happen

EN Star Style - Courtney Love doesn't think a Miley Cyrus collaboration 'would be a good match'.

The former Hole frontwoman struck up a friendship with 22-year-old Miley over social network Twitter. In fact, Courtney and Miley formed such a bond that the 50-year-old singer took her younger counterpart to a dinner at director Brett Ratner's house back in March.

However, while Miley's most recent musical direction is similar in style to Courtney's sound, the singer insists a duet with the Wrecking Ball star does not seem to be on the cards.

'I don't know that that would be a good match, but she's really put together and smart,' Courtney told Humanity magazine. 'I liked her a lot."

More and more celebrities are sparking up friendships via Twitter. And Courtney told the publication she was stunned by the scope of the site.

'It's like a salon - you never know who you're going to meet,' she said.

Courtney has been finding success as an actress in recent months as well as her musical career. She has had starring roles on television shows such as Sons of Anarchy and Revenge.

And in the interview Courtney said one of the reasons she has made a move to the small screen is because it is becoming increasingly difficult to make a success of yourself as a female rock and roll singer. 

'I have someone really close to me who is in a rock band and they're excellent - they're the best rock band I've heard in years - and they signed an old-school deal with Interscope,' she said. 'But it's really a struggle and it's a struggle just to be middle class. I'm not talking big houses and art collections. I'm talking about just getting by."