Song Submission Terms

You can send us your music for airplay anytime. We review and air your the best songs for free in our broadcasting.
Here is what we need from you in an email to :

Please Attach:
1. .MP3 Audio File (Up to three per submission)
2. Album Art Image (If any)

Please Mention:
1. Song Title
2. Artist Name
3. Album Name (If any)
4. Genres
5. Your Country
6. Copy of exact statement in your email message:
as an ARTIST: "I agree to play my music on FnF.FM Radio as non-paid promotional airplay"
"I declare I have rights to send attached music to FnF.FM Radio for non-paid promotional airplay"
7. Artist´s social network links to your Facebook, Twitter, Official website, etc.

File Format:
1. Audio file format have to .MP3 file/s
2. File properly named like this: ''Artist Name - Song name .mp3'' (this very is important for ''NOW PLAYING'' song display)
3. Album Art Image/Artist´s picture (.jpg, jpeg .png)
4. Always write "SONG SUBMISSION" as a subject of the message.
5. If files over 10MB then upload your files on Google Drive/Dropbox/WeTransfer and send us download link.

By sending us songs to our email you agree to play them as non-paid promotional airplay in FnF.FM Radio and in all FnF.FM Radio affiliates. FnF.FM Radio has then right to copy, edit and play shortened versions of your songs in radio spots and shows mixed with other audio files to promote your music to the broader listener´s base. FnF.FM Radio DOES NOT ALLOW ANY AUDIO DOWNLOAD FROM ITS BROADCASTING.

You can terminate your submission by written notice. We will remove your songs within 48 hours.


Every artist will receive information about the time and date of their airplay via Email, Facebook or Twitter. We strongly recommend that everyone should visit our website one day or more before show airplay. Every artist are free invite their Fans/Friends to listen their song on FnF.FM Radio.

Song Request
Once your songs are listed in our database then your Fans/Friends are allow to send ''Song Request'' via our website widget on After receiving the song request, your song will automatically AirPlay within 30 minutes. So, feel free to invite your friends to send ''Song Request''.